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Last updated: September 2016  

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Year 7 - Romans, Middle Ages, Tudors

Year 8 - Victorians , WWI, Georgian England

GCSE - Crime & Punishment Medicine Through Time early years , Medicine Through Time later years, Weimar Germany, Nazi Germany

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Year 7

Year 8

GCSE (Crime & Punishment)

GCSE: Unit 1 (Medicine through Time)

GCSE: Unit 2 (Germany)

AS-Level: Unit 1 (Tudors)

AS-Level: Unit 2 (Russia)

A-Level: Unit 3 (US Civil Rights)

A-Level: Unit 1 (Tudors)


Welcome to the Folkestone School for Girls History Department Website

Listening Project

Listening Project

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. Year 8s study abolition of slaveryanti-slavery


Highwaymen - Dick Turpin

Dick Turpin - web

Watch out for highwaymen like this on the toll roads of C18th England

Folkestone & Belgian Refugees

Belgian refugees

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